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I need to eat here, hang out who doesn't know ... I know the new ones from the side, the reasons are already over, even though I have been behind me, keep coming in ... so it's not fair, it's the servant ... especially the battery ... same with friends aki2.

Aki pak / aki motor car @suwitotjahjadi

What time is it open tomorrow?

Usually open at 08 o'clock in the morning

Sunday open or not? Until what time?


where is the location?

mksd na that, in the area bro? but if I see it in the map, it seems to know the area ... that means the end of the road is there a grave on the right right? then can I get the code juice or not?

Will you open today?


Want to ask, here are selling rice side dish is not?

There is, there is also Nasi Ulam.

Can I leave the food

Usually not accepted

Date 22 open ngak ya

Insha Allah buka

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